San Juan Huracan

Leagues Played
Honduras Liga de Ascenso 9


Honduras Liga de Ascenso 11/19 01:49 - San Juan Huracan v CA Independiente Siguatepeque L 0-1
Honduras Liga de Ascenso 02/12 21:00 - San Juan Huracan v Deportes Savio W 1-0
Honduras Liga de Ascenso 11/20 02:00 - San Juan Huracan v CD Inter el Triunfo W 2-1
Honduras Liga de Ascenso 10/30 01:52 - San Juan Huracan v Saba FC W 3-1
Honduras Liga de Ascenso 05/01 21:00 - San Juan Huracan v Parrillas One D 1-1
Honduras Liga de Ascenso 03/27 21:00 - San Juan Huracan v CD Real Juventud D 0-0
Honduras Liga de Ascenso 10/24 21:00 - San Juan Huracan v CD Real Juventud L 2-4
Honduras Liga de Ascenso 10/10 21:00 - San Juan Huracan v Deportes Savio L 0-2
Honduras Liga de Ascenso 10/03 21:00 - San Juan Huracan v Lepaera FC W 8-2


Matches played 1 1 0
Wins 0 0 0
Draws 0 0 0
Losses 1 1 0
Goals for 0 0 0
Goals against 1 1 0
Clean sheets 0 0 0
Failed to score 1 1 0

Wikipedia - San Juan F.C.

San Juan F.C. is a football club located in Quimistán, Honduras, that competes in the Liga de Ascenso, the second tier of the Honduran football league system.


Known as The People's Team, the club was founded in October 1965 as San Juancito by Abelardo Castillo in Quimistán, Santa Bárbara. Their first rivalry at that time was against Estrellita, which played their home games at the Catholic Church Plaza. Meanwhile, San Juancito played at the Central Plaza. One day, Raúl O'connor, the first president of San Juancito, suggested to merge these two and decided to rename the new club as San Juan Fútbol Club, as a tribute to the town's Patron saint.

In 2018, they reached the promotion play–offs to Honduran Liga Nacional de Ascenso which they lost to C.D. Bucaneros; however, they received an invitation to join the 2018–19 Liga de Ascenso season. They also participated in the 2017 and 2018 Honduran Cups.